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Florida's squatter evictions and unauthorized occupants laws help protect Orlando-area landlords from delinquent renters, unauthorized tenants or persons who refuse to vacate the owner's property. It is becoming a common occurrence that someone just decides to take up residence in a vacated house, apartment, condo, duplex or mobile home with no intent of paying rent. Equally challenging for today's landlords are the non-paying, delinquent tenants who refuse to move out. Regardless of the nature of your squatter eviction issues, or dealings with tenants over unauthorized occupants, our Eviction Lawyer can help you find an affordable business solution for your rental property evictions.

Eviction Law (in Florida) was designed to allow for faster legal processing through the court's summary proceedings. Unlike other types of real estate litigation, under Florida Statutes 51.011, a case for unlawful detainer can move through the court system in a matter of weeks. Call my office today at (407) 835-8688 for your FREE 15-minute phone consultation regarding your rights as a Landlord under Florida Law. You don't have to go it alone. As an experienced Evictions Lawyer, I can give you a candid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Jaisen J. Stango, Esq.
Orlando Eviction Lawyer

It is very important to take timely legal actions against renter squatters and unauthorized non-paying occupants. As a property owner in Orange County, Osceola County or Seminole County, Florida's Landlord/Tenant eviction laws exist for the legal enforcement of the terms and conditions specified in your rental property's lease agreement. If you would like to communicate with an eviction attorney about your specific situation, CLICK HERE to e-mail your question directly to Attorney Jaisen J. Stango for a FREE case evaluation.

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